Tri-Beckett: Three Short Plays by Samuel Beckett

presented by Ninefold and Glorious Thing Theatre Co

Tri-Beckett: Three Short Plays by Samuel Beckett was presented as part of a new creative exchange initiative with the North Sydney Library and performed in the historical Don Bank Museum.


In Footfalls, a lone figure, May, paces like a metronome, back and forth, back and forth, endlessly conversing with a memory of her mother.  Act Without Words II draws on Samuel Beckett’s perfectly timed dark humour as two tragic figures are goaded out of old sacks to stumble through their pointless existence. Not I, one of his most challenging plays with only the performer’s mouth lit, unleashes the fierce stream of consciousness of a woman who has been mute for most of her life. Audiences are invited to witness three theatrical masterpieces in the intimacy of the Don Bank Museum right in the heart of North Sydney. Beckett’s plays are strange, beautiful, heart-breaking, wickedly funny, monotonous and undeniably brilliant. Stitched deftly into his words are his extraordinary and unflinching examinations of the human condition.


Ninefold and Glorious Thing Theatre Co reignite their critically successful collaboration (Metafour, PACT Theatre 2015) and dive headfirst into Samuel Beckett's alluring short plays. Not I , Act Without Word II and Footfalls will be brought to the stage in December, offering up another instalment of ‘Pure poetry in motion.’


Performed by Erica J Brennan, Pollyanna Nowicki and Shy Magsalin


Directed by Erica J Brennan and Shy Magsalin


Lighting Design by Liam O’Keefe

​Production photos by Liam O'Keefe of Square Spot Design

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