Ninefold's Sunday Sessions

Sunday ​Sessions is Ninefold's monthly training program offered to member subscribers on the $9, $13 or $30 per month tiers.

The sessions are 3 hours of intensive physical performance training that will be a mix of:

  • the Suzuki Method of Actor training

  • Viewpoints-based training

  • Grotowski-based training

  • Composition and physical performance devising

Every now and then we will invite a special guest artist to these Sunday Sessions to share aspects of their practice with our community of artists.

Participation for non-subscribers is valued at $25 per session, yet you can get it for as little as $9. This makes fantastic value for our patrons and is cheaper than your Netflix subscription!


The Sunday Sessions are a great resource for artist of all disciplines including actors, writers, designers, singers, and dancers to connect with other creatives.

DATES for the 2021 Sunday Sessions are as follows:

  • Sunday 24 Jan 2021

  • Sunday 28 Feb 2021

  • Sunday 21 Mar 2021

  • Sunday 25 Apr 2021

  • Sunday 23 May 2021

  • Sunday 20 Jun 2021

  • Sunday 18 Jul 2021

  • Sunday 15 Aug 2021

  • Sunday 12 Sep 2021

  • Sunday 17 Oct 2021

  • Sunday 14 Nov 2021

  • Sunday 12 Dec 2021

Times will be given once you join the membership subscription program.

VENUE: Brand X - East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, Darlinghurst.

In order to access the Sunday Sessions, you will need to subscribe to either the $9, $13 or $30 tier of the Ninefold membership subscription program here.

If you have any questions at all regarding our training, please contact us at

Ninefold acknowledges and pays respect to all the First Nations people and Traditional Custodians

on whose lands we work. We recognise the importance of their cultures, their wisdom and creativity.