Ninefold's Sunday Sessions

Sunday ​Sessions is Ninefold's monthly training program offered to member subscribers on the $9, $13 or $30 per month tiers.

The sessions are 3 hours of intensive physical performance training that will be a mix of:

  • the Suzuki Method of Actor training

  • Viewpoints-based training

  • Composition and physical performance devising

  • Other performance training methodologies

Every now and then we will invite a special guest artist to these Sunday Sessions to share aspects of their practice with our community of artists.

Participation for non-subscribers is valued at $25 per session, yet you can get it for as little as $9. This makes fantastic value for our patrons and is cheaper than your Netflix subscription!


The Sunday Sessions are a great resource for artist of all disciplines including actors, writers, designers, singers, and dancers to connect with other creatives.

DATES for the 2021 Sunday Sessions are as follows:

  • Sunday 24 Jan 2021

  • Sunday 28 Feb 2021

  • Sunday 21 Mar 2021

  • Sunday 25 Apr 2021

  • Sunday 23 May 2021

  • Sunday 20 Jun 2021

  • Sunday 18 Jul 2021

  • Sunday 15 Aug 2021

  • Sunday 12 Sep 2021

  • Sunday 17 Oct 2021

  • Sunday 14 Nov 2021

  • Sunday 12 Dec 2021

Times will be given once you join the subscription membership program.

VENUE: Brand X - East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, Darlinghurst.

In order to access the Sunday Sessions, you will need to subscribe to either the $9 or $13 tier of the Ninefold membership subscription program here.

If you have any questions at all regarding our training, please contact us at