Ninefold's Sunday Sessions

Sessions lasts 2.5 hours followed by an hour long discussion over food and drink. every now and then we will invite a special guest artist each month who will share their practice. Participation for non-subscribers is valued at $25 per session making amazing value for our patrons and cheaper than your Netflix subscription. The Ninefold Sunday Sessions are a great resource for artist of all disciplines including actors, writers, designers, singers, and dancers to connect with other creatives. 

  • 2 hour sessions run by Artistic Director Shy Magsalin feat. guest artists each month sharing their practice.

  • Valued at $25 p/session.

  • Cheaper than Netflix subscription.

  • Connect with other creatives: actors, writers, designers, singers and dancers. 

Join the $3 Tier



Three's No Crowd

$3 (AUD) per month

Nice work! All the folks at Ninefold appreciate your support and we know that every little bit counts. It’s great knowing that people like you are out there supporting us! 

Your Benefits

  • Sleep easy knowing you've earnt the warm fuzzies from supporting Sydney independent theatre.

  • A shout out on our supporter page.

Join the $6 Tier

$6 (AUD) per month

You want to watch one of Australia's best theatre ensemble's in action. This tier has you covered. For $6 a month you can support our company and get a free ticket to the show of your choosing every year. Great value, and even better knowing you’re helping Ninefold grow and thrive!

Your Benefits

  • A free ticket to one Ninefold show per year of your choosing.

Hit For Six



Join the $9 Tier



Our Favourite Number

$9 (AUD) per month

One thing we have always valued is a commitment to ongoing actor training. This tier grants you entry into Ninefold's Sunday Sessions, our monthly open Suzuki training meetup run by artistic director Shy Magsalin. You can learn more about here. This tier will also guarantee you a discount on all independently-run Ninefold workshops.

Your Benefits

  • Acess to Ninefold's monthly Sunday Sessions.

  • Discounts on all independently-run Ninefold workshops.

Join the $13 Tier

$13 (AUD) per month

This tier is great for the people who want it all-- a combination of our $6 and $9 tiers plus more! You want to your Suzuki training fix with the Ninefold Sunday Sessions, you want performances and you want invites to selected closed rehearsals and private showings. Cheaper than a Netflix HD subscription, you'll be chuffed with all these benefits and your newfound sense of swagger.

Your Benefits

  • Free ticket to a Ninefold show of your choosing per year. 

  • Access to Ninefold's monthly Sunday Sessions.

  • Invites to select closed rehearsals and private development showings.

  • Guaranteed discount on all future independent Ninefold workshops.

Lucky For Some



Join the $30 Tier



30 Rock (Our World)

$13 (AUD) per month

You want to watch, support and contribute to Ninefold's long term evolution as a distinct creative voice within the Sydney independent theatre community. At this $30 tier, you get a special spot in our hearts and a whole bunch of perks! Not only do you get TWO tickets to every OPENING NIGHT that Ninefold has (with a glass your preferred drink in hand) AND access to our monthly Ninefold Open Jams you ALSO get a personal invite to a previously closed Ninefold rehearsal. You also get your name or company logo in our program as ANGEL INVESTOR. Because that’s what you are. You’re an angel.

Your Benefits

  • TWO tickets to every OPENING NIGHT, alongside a complimentary beer, wine or champagne for each ticket holder.

  • Invitations to select closed Ninefold rehearsals.

  • Name & or Company logo in our Program. 

  • Free access to Ninefold's Sunday Sessions

  • Guaranteed discount on all future independent Ninefold workshops.

Make a One-Off Donation

$?? - Look, we won't say no.


If you’re the sort person who wakes up in the middle of the night and yells “I JUST WANT TO GIVE NINEFOLD MONEY TODAY” we’ve got something for you too. Here you can donate money without having to make reoccurring payments. You won’t get the benefits but you will get the warm and fuzzies knowing you’ve given to independent theatre.

The One-Off Donation


We acknowledge and pay respect to all the First Nations people and Traditional Custodians on whose lands we work on. We recognise the importance of their cultures, their wisdom and their creativity.