The Gaslight Project: Two-Day Training & Creative Development Workshop

Actors, performers and theatre-makers are invited to participate in a 2-day training and development workshop.

Ninefold’s next project is a new devised work inspired by Patrick Hamilton’s ‘Gaslight’. On September 21 and 22 we will open up our development room inviting those interested to train and develop initial concepts for this new work.

In the morning, participants will train together with existing members of the ensemble in the Suzuki Method of Actor Training and spend the afternoon working with director Shy Magsalin in responding to initial concepts and new text created by writer Ava Karuso-Thurn. Ninefold work collaboratively in a fast and rigorous physical style to generate content and explore the performer's relationship to text, sound, design and light.

Please note that the Suzuki Method of Actor Training is a highly physical method and while it is accessible to all levels, participants should take this into consideration when applying. Please contact with any questions.

Actors and performers are invited to submit their CV and Head-shot to no later than September 13 to be considered.

This initial creative development continues Ninefold’s commitment to opening up their practice and training methodology to interested artists, and offers a chance to meet and work with one of Sydney's most exciting ensembles on the early stages of a new work.


A true-crime podcast from 2019 tells the story of Grace, a woman who disappeared, presumably murdered, in the 1970s. As this is told to us, we see Alice, a liberal young woman in the 1970s who lives in a share house. Alice is fascinated by the news stories of the disappearance of Grace, and transposes this fascination onto her new neighbours, Mr and Mrs Manningham, who are the fictional characters from Patrick Hamilton’s play 'Gaslight'. The play will be a postmodern pastiche of text, movement, sound and light and will explore the impact of emotional abuse on woman throughout our history.

Ninefold is in their second year as a resident company at PACT. In November 2019, will continue to explore their commitment to ongoing training and practice-based performance making by presenting the first iteration a new work while also inviting other companies and artists to share and present their own in development works. ‘The Gaslight Project' is Ninefold's next large scale ensemble performance and builds on the critical success of their version of 'The Tragedy of Antigone' (2016) and 'Wyrd: The Season of the Witch' (2018).


WHERE: PACT Theatre Erskineville.

DATE: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 Sept 2019

TIME: 10am - 4pm


9:30am - Space open for individual warm-up

10:00am - Suzuki training

12:15pm - Lunch break

1:00pm - Devising, composition and development

4:00pm - Finish

After the workshop finishes on Sep 22, participants are invited to have a meal and continue discussions at The Erko.

To apply, submit your CV and headshot to with the subject: The Gaslight Project.