Wyrd: The Season of the Witch

**PLEASE NOTE: Wyrd has a total lock out and latecomers will not be permitted to enter the theatre once the performance has started. Audiences are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time.

- - -

Wyrd: The Season of The Witch draws on the tropes of urban legend to rework Shakespeare’s Scottish Play into a striking new narrative that follows the rise and fall of a powerful warrior identified only as ‘Our Lady.’ Her insatiable ambition makes her a target for the malevolent Wyrd Sisters who have their own designs for the infamous Scottish noble. The high energy and tightly choreographed performance will feature Shakespeare’s original text cut from Macbeth, reordered and stitched back together with toe-tapping 50s pop songs, powerful choral speaking and high energy movement. Wyrd is a truly unexpected performance of the Bard’s ‘unlucky’ play.

The Ninefold ensemble launches into its atPACT two-year residency by debuting their hotly anticipated new work Wyrd: The Season of The Witch at the PACT theatre, Erskineville in June 2018. Audiences are invited to witness a story of malevolent ambition and uncanny horror performed with Ninefold’s hallmark power and precision.