Wyrd: Vignettes for the Witching Hour

Join us at the Don Bank Museum for an exclusive peek at work-in-progress vignettes from the creative development of Ninefold’s new work ‘Wyrd’.

Time: Friday, 17 November 2017, 8:00PM (followed by a Q&A); Saturday, 18 November 2017, 8:00PM

Venue: Don Bank Museum, 6 Napier Street, North Sydney, New South Wales 2060

Cost: $15.00 (all proceeds will go towards the budget for our full production next year).

About Wyrd

Wyrd is Ninefold’s own deranged horror-thriller version of Macbeth drawing entirely on the supernatural aspects of the original story. The two main roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have been merged into one. This hybrid central character is a noble warrior woman who is raised to prominence on the battlefield. But her success is short-lived, plagued by the witches who orchestrate her descent into guilt and despair. Physical rigour and discipline is this company’s signature performance style. Using choral work and striking contemporary visuals that draw on timeless archetypes, Ninefold carves up and twists Shakespeare’s tragedy into a Lynch-esque nightmare that conjures the fantastical and the malevolent.


$15.00 (all proceeds will go towards the budget for our full production next year).

About us

Ninefold is a Sydney-based theatre ensemble. Founded by Shy Magsalin, the ensemble was formed to investigate highly rigorous and disciplined ensemble performance-making. Ninefold is Sydney’s only contemporary theatre ensemble that works exclusively with the Suzuki Method of Actor Training alongside development and rehearsal processes. The training, developed by renowned theatre director Tadashi Suzuki, results in performances that are unlike anything else on the contemporary stage. Ninefold continues to investigate the application of this training in an Australian context by making work that is unrelentingly intense, physically precise and imaginatively rich.