Winter in Toga, Japan

While the Ninefold actors took a few weeks break from Antigone rehearsals, Shy headed over to Toga in wintery Japan to work with the International Suzuki Company of Toga for the first phase of the performance project "The Blue Bird" by Maurice Maeterlinck. Produced by SCOT – Suzuki Company of Toga, the play was adapted and directed by Mattia Sebastian (Italy) and included actors from China, Japan, Lithuania, Australia and Hungary. The project reflects the philosophy of SCOT's founder and director, Tadashi Suzuki, to promote the artistic interaction of different cultures. For one month the cast trained with SCOT and rehearsed together with each actor in the show speaking the play's dialogue in their own native language. Below is a picture Shy took while she was there of Tadashi Suzuki’s famous outdoor amphitheatre inundated with snow.