A Murder Story Retold in Three Symphonic Vignettes

by Ninefold
presented by The Flying Nun and Ninefold - a theatre ensemble


'A Murder Story Retold' is the telling and retelling of a suburban murder story performed to music from Max Richter’s re-compositions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. A cramped domestic dwelling sets the scene for a revenge killing committed by fatal poisoning. The story is told three times with a narrative that warps and shifts according to the music selected for each retelling.
'A Murder Story Retold' interconnects physical scoring, music and dialogue to tell a story. Different from dance/movement theatre, this is about magnifying all the physical nuances and details of the ordinary world. Backed by symphonic music, we find a sense of the grandeur in the common and the everyday.

Creative Ensemble & Production Team

Director: Shy Magsalin

Performers & Devisers: Erica J Brennan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Shane Russon.

Lighting Designer: Liam O’Keefe

Sound Artist: Melanie Herbert

Production & Stage Manager: Zachary Bush

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We acknowledge and pay respect to all the First Nations people and Traditional Custodians on whose lands we work on. We recognise the importance of their cultures, their wisdom and their creativity.

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