A Murder Story Retold in Three Symphonic Vignettes

by Ninefold

'A Murder Story Retold' is the telling and retelling of a suburban murder story performed to music from Max Richter’s re-compositions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. A cramped domestic dwelling sets the scene for a revenge killing committed by fatal poisoning. The story is told three times with a narrative that warps and shifts according to the music selected for each retelling.
'A Murder Story Retold' interconnects physical scoring, music and dialogue to tell a story. Different from dance/movement theatre, this is about magnifying all the physical nuances and details of the ordinary world. Backed by symphonic music, we find a sense of the grandeur in the common and the everyday

Creative Ensemble & Production Team

Director: Shy Magsalin

Performers & Devisers: Erica J Brennan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Shane Russon, Shy Magsalin.

Lighting Designer: Liam O’Keefe

Sound Artist: Melanie Herbert

Production & Stage Manager: Zachary Bush