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Company Manifesto

As an ensemble, we:

1. Strive to support long-term artistic development and ensemble growth.

Our ensemble is built around a core activity of actor training which offers:

- a chance to develop and deepen a shared language as a group.

- stability, consistency and confidence for artists in their developing practice.

- space for artists to challenge limits and push expressive capabilities of body and voice beyond the everyday into a highly imaginative and fantastical space.


2. Explore alternative ways of supporting a sustainable arts practice.

In response to our need for independence, flexibility and freedom of our creativity, time and finances in a challenging arts environment, we:

- Value quality over quantity: Limit the number of projects focused on and give new works a longer, slow-burn time frame for creative development.

- Experiment with a developing repertoire: Avoid putting ourselves under constant time and financial pressures by always starting projects from scratch. Use repetition as a tool to interrogate how works grow and change over time.

- Work with a budget and aesthetic that reflects our performer-focused mission: Be realistic about our financial means as an independent company. Explore how such restrictions breed creativity.

3. Offer a high energy, rigorous, playful and stylised performance aesthetic. 

We are devoted to refining our expressionistic, atmospheric and non-naturalistic style of performance.