Gaslight 00.jpg

The Gaslight Project (Stage 1)

by Ninefold
presented by PACT and Ninefold


In 2019, a true-crime podcast tells the story of Grace: a woman who disappeared in the 1970s. A liberal young woman 'livin' in the '70s,' Alice, is fascinated by the disappearance of Grace and her new neighbours' enigmatic existence. Mr and Mrs Manningham, the fictional characters from Patrick Hamilton's Victorian-era 'Gaslight,' are those that move next door.

The play is a postmodern pastiche of text, movement, sound and light and will explore the impact of emotional abuse on women throughout our history.

Ninefold developed this new work as part of their second year of residency at PACT. This season of ‘The Gaslight Project’ at marks the results of the first stage of a long-term evolutionary process for the new work.

Creative & Production Team

Director: Shy Magsalin

Devising Team: Erica J Brennan, Emily Elise, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Paul Musumeci, Shane Russon, Zara Paternoster

Collaborating Writer: Ava Karuso

Performers: Erica J Brennan, Emily Elise, Paul Musumeci, Nicole Pingon, Tasha O’Brien, Shane Russon, Zara Paternoster, Luke Yager

Lighting Design: Liam O’Keefe

Production Design: Gideon Payten-Griffiths

Sound Composition: Melanie Herbert

Producers: Shy Magsalin & Zac Bush