The Tragedy of


by Ninefold
with text from Eamon Flack's adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone


The morning after a devastating war against the city of Thebes, ruler Kreon forbids the burial of the dead traitor Polynikes: an act which indignifies the deceased and prevents their soul from resting peacefully in the underworld. The traitor’s sister, Antigone, defies this new declaration in the belief that human-made laws don’t transcend the laws of the gods, and hence, makes continuous attempts to bury her brother despite facing the death penalty.

This production summons the enduring concerns of Sophocles’ classic into the contemporary moment, grappling with the tension that emerges from the individual’s resistance to the homogenising politic of the modern world.

"...The Tragedy of Antigone is visionary. This work of art is not to be missed." - Theatre Now (read full review)

"Director Shy Magsalin’s work is transcendent, compelling and powerful." - Suzy Goes See (read full review)

"...this production is nothing short of stunning." - The Buzz from Sydney (read full review)

Director: Shy Magsalin

Performers: Aslam Abdus-samad, Bodelle de Ronde, Dave Buckley, Erica J Brennan, Gideon Payten Griffiths, Kiki Skountzos, Pollyanna Nowicki, Scott Parker, Victoria Greiner


Production Design & Dramaturgy: Victor Kalka


Lighting Design: Liam O'Keefe

​Productions photos by Alinta Burton of Phantom Reel Productions and Liam O'Keefe of Square Spot Design.