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The Company

​Ninefold is a Sydney-based theatre ensemble and PACT's resident company for 2018-19. Founded by Shy Magsalin in 2012, Ninefold aims to investigate highly rigorous ensemble performance-making and create a sustainable culture for artists who want to explore the possibility of ongoing ensemble work.

Included in the company repertoire: Macbeth: 9 Scenes Rehearsed (2014), The Tragedy of Antigone (2016), Tri-Beckett (2016) and Wyrd: The Season of the Witch (2018).

Ninefold have a creative exchange partnership with Stanton Library in North Sydney to activate the Don Bank Museum with unique contemporary performances. Our artists teach the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at universities across Sydney and provide ongoing training opportunities for emerging and established artists.

Our company manifesto can be viewed here.

About Shy

​​Shy Magsalin is a director and actor. She is head of the ensemble Ninefold in Sydney and works and trains regularly with the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) in Japan. Shy graduated from UWS with a Bachelor of Performance (Theatremaking) before continuing to study the Suzuki Method of Actor Training with Zen Zen Zo (Brisbane), OzFrank Theatre (Brisbane), SITI Company in New York (2007, 2009) and, SCOT in Japan (2008, 2012-current). She has directed and performed locally, interstate and internationally.


Projects include ‘The Whistling Man’ (imPACT Ensemble, 2016), 'The Blue Book' (International Theatre Ensemble, Sweden 2009), 'Macbeth: 9 Scenes Rehearsed' (Sydney, 2014), 'Room' (Earthcrosser Company/PACT Vacant Room, 2014), 'The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria' (I-SCOT, Japan 2014), 'Kachi Kachi Yama' (SCOT, Japan 2016), 'The Tragedy of Antigone' (Ninefold/PACT Axis Sydney 2016) and 'The Blue Bird' (I- SCOT, Japan 2017), ‘Greetings from the Edge of the Earth’ (SCOT, Japan 2017) and 'Wyrd: The Season of the Witch' (Ninefold/PACT 2018).


Ninefold are Sydney’s only contemporary theatre ensemble that works exclusively with the Suzuki Method of Actor Training to create performances. The group investigate the application of this training in an Australian context by making work that is unrelentingly intense, physically precise and imaginatively rich.

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, developed by renowned theatre director Tadashi Suzuki, serves to strengthen an actor's physical and vocal sensibilities and develop a highly articulate body capable of expressing and communicating with power and precision. It comprises of six basic physical exercises to train the Actor and solve staging problems.


Tadashi Suzuki’s work with his Company based in Toga, Japan is unlike anything else on the contemporary stage. It’s principles are deeply rooted in traditional Japanese art forms and the result is a performance that offers up a unique world view to an audience. In a theatre landscape dominated by naturalism and realism, Suzuki’s work hits you in the guts, gets around the brain and goes straight for the soul.


For more information go to: scot-suzukicompany.com/en/